The catfight‘s not over!

A day after unleashing a tirade of insults at each other on The Wendy Williams Show, Omarosa and Wendy Williams are still going at it.

"I think Omarosa came here with an agenda. She was looking to get her moment. So she got it," Wendy tells Extra following the on-air fight. "Unfortunately for her, she got attention from me."

The controversial hostess and the former Apprentice contestant came to blows when Wendy labeled Omarosa as "the stereotypical black woman," prompting the reality TV star to lash out at Wendy’s appearance.

The whole attack even caught Wendy off-gaurd.

"I was more stunned," she says. "This is a grown woman who calls herself a business woman. I don’t have time for her reindeer games."

Wendy adds, "Omarosa, not nice. One day you’ll learn that you’ll get more with smiles than you do with grimace."

Giving her take on the situation, Omarosa, who was on to promote her new book, The Bitch Switch, says she turned on the switch on Wendy to retaliate at the media queen’s years’ worth of insults.

"She’s been talking smack about me for years. I don’t ever forget," Omarosa says. "So yesterday was my opportunity to call her on all this stuff. I gave her a dose of her own medicine. And she couldn’t handle it."

But the reality contestant everyone loves to hate does see the silver lining in the fight. "My sales are through the roof. And people will learn how to deal with people like [Wendy]."

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