There will be a duel for Best Picture between favorite No Country for Old Men and the Daniel Day-Lewis-fronted There Will Be Blood, which is peaking at the exact right time to be a real threat to the drug drama. But do the other three flicks stand a chance? See what OK! has to say.

Best Picture

Pro: A sweeping love story is music to old-fashioned Oscar voters’ ears. It’s the only traditional flick of the group, which could work to its favor.

Con: The film peaked too soon — before it was even released — and failed to maintain the momentum. Missing out on a PGA nod and a director nod for Joe Wright doesn’t bode well.

Pro: It’s this year’s Little Miss Sunshine — the quirky indie comedy that charmed both the public and the critics, an uneasy task to do. Ironically, it’s the only "hit" out of all five nominees, grossing well over $100 million while the other four are struggling to hit the triple-digit landmark.

Con: As beloved as Juno is, it still has some detractors, who note that it’s too smart-alecky. Also, it failed to grab a SAG nomination for Cast Ensemble — voted on by actors themselves.

Michael Clayton
Pro: A smart thriller that was able to yield nominations for George Clooney, Tom Wilkinson and Tilda Swinton — the only film this year to earn multiple acting nods.

Con: This is a case of always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Clayton is a good film, but not a great one. Case in point: It’s been continuously shortlisted as one of the top movies of 2007, but never named THE top one.

No Country for Old Men

Pro: Ethan and Joel Coen‘s cinematic opus has dominated award season so far and has kept that momentum going into Sunday’s ceremony. Coupled with heaps of acting praise (including a nod for Javier Bardem in Supporting Actor), it’d be a gamble to bet against it.

It’s a frontrunner, but not my much. Nipping at its heels is There Will Be Blood, which tied Country for eight nominations — the most of all films.

There Will Be Blood
Pro: This oil epic is peaking at the right time — when your movie is quoted on SportsCenter, you know things are going well. The stellar acting led by Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t hurt either.

Con: The film may be too out there and too violent for some voters, but then again The Departed took the cake last year. Furthermore, the bulk of Blood‘s wins have come courtesy of Daniel, who is its best chance for a statuette.

Winner: No Country for Old Men
Next in line: There Will Be Blood

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