One would think that within months of a suicide attempt, you’d be better off laying low. Not for Owen Wilson.

A night after wrapping Marley & Me in Miami, the actor hit the town in New York City with a few ladies — and sans gal pal Kate Hudson.

Joined by Marquee nightclub owner Noah Tepperberg, a male friend and a bevy of women, Owen dropped by Monday night hotspot Butter, where he tried to blend in with the crowd, an eyewitness tells OK!.

“He sat up on the banquette, but tried to remain inconspicuous,” the source tells OK!. “He’d hide behind others at the table and was wearing a baseball cap.

No worries though, the 39-year-old, who is not engaged to Kate , wasn’t hitting the bottle.

“He only drank water,” the eyewitness says. “Everyone else at the table did several shots of Patron, but he stuck with a bottle of water.”

That left Owen plenty of time to chat it up with the ladies. After being introduced to an admirer, the comedian turned his attention to a Kate lookalike next to him.

If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with, right?

"She definitely wasn’t Kate,” the source says. “She has a bigger nose and looks a bit like a less cute version of Kate Hudson."

Fret not, Kate. Nothing more transpired from the club flirting.

"They got up to leave at 1:30 and the girl followed him, but Owen turned around, spoke to her for a minute, then continued toward the exit with the guys while all the girls stayed behind," the source says.

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