Being a mom has changed everything for Padma Lakshmi, who welcomed miracle baby Krishna on February 20.

The Top Chef host has struggled with endometriosis, which causes infertility, but now she holds her daughter in her arms.

“I feel very blessed,” she tells me during the Pampers Dry Max launch event held Thursday in NYC. “It’s something a lot more profound than just exciting. It changes your life in innumerable ways – probably in ways I don’t even know yet. It’s very moving.”

Although the 39-year-old star calls motherhood “tiring and joyful at the same time,” she considers “holding your child in your arms” to be the best part.

Padma can’t get enough mommy-and-me time.

“I often don’t know when it’s day or night,” she confesses. “We’re still in that phase of just being together and getting to know each other and getting a rhythm and making sure she’s fed and making sure I don’t collapse and I know what I’m doing.”

What is Krishna like?

“She has a personality,” Padma says. “She has her own identity. She’s very witty already. She’s very funny. She makes all these faces. A lot of children are very beautiful – and you know, I’m biased – so I say she’s very beautiful – but she’s also got a little spunk to her.”

Little Krishna has surprised her mommy in many ways – and it’s only just beginning.

“I didn’t know they ate so often,” she tells me. “She eats every two hours. I mean, I eat that often, but I’m almost six feet tall.”

Although there are challenges ahead (venture capitalist Adam Dell has been identified as the father, but questions about him are off-limits), being a single mom keeps Padma from sweating the small stuff.

“It’s hard, but it also puts everything in perspective. I run a jewelry company as well, so I don’t get as upset about things that I used to get upset about because I have other things that are a priority in my life, like if she doesn’t eat, that upsets me way more than if our sales figures are lower. It shifts your focus.”

For now, Padma tells me she is most excited about “watching her grow up.”

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