When Pam Anderson sat down with E!’s The Daily 10 she candidly opened up about all the latest rumors swirling about her these days.

"I wish him the best. It’s a can of worms. Big, fat juicy worms, but worms," Pam said regarding her divorce from husband #3 Rick Soloman after their quickie Vegas wedding in October.

And what about the rumor that 40-year-old Pam is knocked up with Rick’s kid? "No more kids. No more kids."

Now, Pam has her latest project’s release to look forward to. Her new film Blond and Blonder co-stars fellow hottie Denise Richards. "She’s just sweet, beautiful, fun," she said. "She’s a mom too so we had a lot in common. We were like two peas in a pod, two wacko girls anyway on and off the set. It was fun."

Pam was eager to share her feelings on her improvised kiss with her female co-star. "I just grabbed her and kissed her on the lips," Pam explained while laughing. "I don’t think it was planned — just happened. It was pretty good, I guess. Nothing special. Sorry Denise!"

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