Jessica Simpson may have been taking aim at her veggie arch rival Carrie Underwood when she went out in a t-shirt reading, "Real Girls Eat Meat".

But she seems to have got up the hackles of a slightly more fearsome adversary in the process.

And while Carrie didn’t deign to respond, Pamela Anderson has been a little more forthright, calling Jessica a "bitch and a whore" for pulling the stunt.

Two weeks ago Jess took the swipe at her boyfriend Tony Romo’s ex, Carrie, with the carnivorous catchphrase plastered across her chest.

And yesterday animal rights campaigner Pammi had a few words to say on the matter during a radio interview in Australia, where she is starring in Big Brother.

"I think she is a bitch and whore," opined the PETA activist and winner of the Linda McCartney Memorial award for protectors of animals.

“Actually, I don’t know if she was talking about food or men."

The glamorous superstar added that vegetarianism is, "healthy, good for your body and good for the environment".

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