Never mind the fact that Pamela Anderson had a little girl following her around last night and holding the train of her very, shall we say, interesting dress — the words out of her mouth were just as flabbergasting as she chatted with reporters.

One might think Pam would dress as a sexy nurse/sexy cat/sexy [fill-in-the-blank] for Halloween, but instead, she reveals her tastes are a bit fruitier this year. So what’s she going to be?

“A banana!” Pam gushed to reporters.

As for that totally confusing dress? It was apparently her chosen gown for the evening solely so it wouldn’t get suffocated.

“It was in my closet and it was getting squished,” Pam explained of her safety pin-adorned gown.

And then when one reporter asked her style icon, Pamela replied with “Vivienne Westwood.” But the second time she was asked?

“Someone already asked me this! Humpty Dumpty!”

Ah yes, we can see how the guy who fell down, broke into pieces and had to be put together again could influence that dress.

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