Paris Hilton had an awkward run in with ex Benji Madden on Super Bowl Sunday, but that didn’t dampen her mood – indeed, she ended her night by sashaying out of the club with suddenly single Doug Reinhardt of The Hills


Although they successfully avoided each other at first, while staying just one floor away at the Hard Rock hotel last weekend, the two finally crossed paths when Paris showed up at the Model and Bottles party Feb. 1 in Tampa, Fla.


After Paris, 29, tried unsuccessfully to get Benji’s attention by dancing provocatively on stage during his DJ set, she left with Doug and Frankie Delgado to share a ride back to their hotel. 




As for being left broken-hearted by the heiress, 27, "Benji isn’t ready to date yet," a friend tells OK!, "Nicole and Joel keep trying to set him up to help him get over her but he insists he’s doing just fine."

Meanwhile, Doug insists to his pals that he and the heiress are just friends.


Benji speaks for himself, as well, insisting he’s keeping busy. "I’ve just been working!" he tells OK!.

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