After her magnificent, Oscar-worthy turn in 2005’s House of Wax, sources close to Paris Hilton tell OK! that she’s desperate to return to the silver screen to share her special something with audiences once more — and this time, the million-heiress is gunning for a part in the stalled film version of the 1980s TV hit Dallas.

“Paris is pretty eager to get into the film,” one insider reveals to OK! “She’s having her manager and even friends pull favors just to get her an audition.” According to the insider, Paris, 26, is certain that — despite online reports that it’s already been locked up by upstart actress Katie Cassidy — she owns the part of Lucy Ewing, which was played in the original series by the inimitable Charlene Tilton.

“In her mind she’s already part of American royalty by being a Hilton,” explains the source. “So she thinks it will be perfect casting. She’s actually surprised the producers haven’t thought of this themselves!”

We here at OK! can’t wait to hear Paris’ particular take on the Texas twang.

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