Maybe serial dater Paris Hilton should pick up the phone and giver her mom a ring some time, because it seems Kathy Hilton‘s got some good advice for her daughter.


"My dating advice for Paris would be just to take your time," Kathy tells Pop Tarts. "It is okay to be alone; you don’t have to always be with someone."


Are you listening, Paris? Probably not – the celebutante is currently heating things up by taking Doug Reinhardt of The Hills home to meet her parents. The himbo was "very nice," Kathy says.


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So is her other, more monogamous-leaning daughter Nicky going to settle down soon with boyfriend Dave Katzenberg?

"Oh no, she is only 25! They are happy and a cute couple, they’re so grounded," Kathy says. "But it’s too soon for kids as well; I don’t want to be called grandma for a while."

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