Who knew that Paris Hilton doesn’t already have enough friends? The reigning celubante’s new reality show I Wanna Be Paris’ New Best Friend is all about Paris looking to add someone to her circle of confidantes to be her "best friend for life."


So what kind of person is Paris looking for?


"Someone I can trust, who is going to be there for me, who I can tell anything to [and] have a great time with," she tells Extra‘s A.J. Calloway in an interview airing tonight. "It was just fun to meet people outside of Hollywood and the whole scene."


As for her current best friend, Nicole Richie, she’s not looking to replace the bond they have.


"Nicole is more than a best friend," says Paris. "She’s like a sister since we’ve been best friends since we were two. She hasn’t seen the show, but she’s looking forward to it."


In fact, the two buddies are dating brothers, Joel Madden, the father of Nicole’s baby, Harlow, and Benji Madden, who Paris just celebrated an anniversary with.


"We’re really happy.  We just had our seven month anniversary.  I’m really in love and excited to be in a great relationship." 


Catch the rest of the interview tonight on Extra.

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