Talk about a major get! In her very first solo interview, Paris Jackson will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to promote her upcoming acting debut.


She'll play Lundon in Lundon Bridge and the Three Keys, an adaptation of the fantasy series, as pointed out by MTV News. Sounds like she's always wanted to act ever since her father was in the movie Moonwalker.
"I knew he could sing really well but I didn't know he could act," she said. "I saw that and I said, 'Wow, I want to be just like him." Michael actually gave her acting lessons at home! "We would do improv together. He would give us little scenarios. He would (say), 'OK, in this scene you're going to cry' and I'd cry on the spot."
In addition to acting lessons, he gave her some life lessons. Before his unanticipated death in 2009, the King of Pop warned Paris he won't be around forever. "He said, 'If I die tomorrow, always remember what I told you.'" She added, "I took his advice and I remember everything he told me."
Acting and life lessons aside, Paris opened up what it felt like to wear masks growing up. "I'm like, 'This is stupid why am I wearing a mask?' But I realized the older I got like he only tried to protect us and he'd explain that to us, too."
Actually, the masks helped his three kids live a somewhat normal life. "I do have like a regular childhood. I mean, I'm treated the same. When I came to [my new school] they didn't know who I was. I was like, 'Yes, I have a chance to be normal.'"

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