UPDATE: MTV has confirmed it’s moving ahead with Paris’ reality show, tentatively titled, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. Slated to hit the air in the winter, 20 contestant will compete to become Paris’ newest pal and live the glamourous life. Interested parties can sign up for their chance to chill with Paris 24/7 at ParisBFF.com. See, she’s already ordering potential BFFs around!



TV Fanatic has just gotten one very cryptic invite from MTV and Paris Hilton, inviting us to the Hollywood Hills tomorrow night for a “very special press conference.” No doubt it’s to announce Paris’ new reality show where the celebutuante will be searching for a brand new BFF in a competition elimination series. You know those challenges are going to be outrageous! Inside sources say the show was originally supposed to air on MTV’s sister channel VH1. Guess the PTB think the MTV crowd is a better fit for the dog and diamond-loving diva. Check back with OK! for all the juicy details!

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