That Paris Hilton sure can deliver a line!

A day after she released a mock presidential campaign ad spoofing John McCain, the Web Site that posted it revealed the heiress shot the entire skit without the help of cue-cards.

In other words, she memorized the entire skit. What can we say? Paris Hilton is ready for her close-up Mr. Demille!

The spoof, posted on the Web Site, features Paris detailing her energy plan while lounging on a pool chaise in a leopard print bathing suit.

The site’s co-founder Adam McKay came up with the concept for a mock ad starring Hilton, which has received over 3 million views since it was posted Tuesday.

”Adam thought it would be really funny to get Paris to respond to the John McCain ad that featured her,” Funny or Die content director Amy Rhodes told The Associated Press on Wednesday. ”

Adam contacted Paris directly, and she agreed to do it. He wrote the sketch. And she really, really loved it.”

McCain’s original campaign ad used an image of Paris to mock Democratic nominee Barack Obama as an international celebrity.

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