Paris Hilton is supposed to be in London to meet the new contestants for her show My New British BFF.

But it sounds like she’s already found a winner — and she’s not even in the contest.

On her jaunt to the UK, the heiress seems to have bonded with her fellow blonde Lady Gaga.

After hanging out with the Just Dance star at a party on Jan 28, Paris gushed about her new pal (and herself… well, it is Paris), saying, "I think we all have our good qualities and our good hearts, but we are also really talented and we like to create and be artists," according to a video on London’s Telegraph Web site.

"My sister and her went to the same school in New York called Sacred Heart, like an all-girls Catholic school," she added. "It’s so funny to see her now — like, I’m really happy for her."

And today Paris continued to heap praise on Gaga, this time on her MySpace blog.


"I [got] to meet Lady GaGa," she wrote to her fans on Jan 29. "She was so sweet and nice.


"She looked so hot and had the cutest outfit on and her hair was formed into a bow out of hair. She has such great style, I really like her," blogged the celeb.

While she was tapping away at her keyboard, Paris also cleared up a little misundstanding.


She kind of put her foot in it with the Brits on Jan 28 by saying she thought their Prime Minister was Gordon Ramsay (the chef) rather than Gordon Brown (the, er, Prime Minister).

"Everyone thinks I was serious when I said Gordan Ramsay was the Prime Minister of the UK. I was totally joking. I love Gordon’s food at his restaurant in LA and I know exactly who Gordon Brown is. Don’t take my jokes so seriously guys. Haha."

You’re such a kidder! It’s OK Paris — we believe you.

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