Did Patrick Dempsey go commando for the big screen?

Yes! Sort of.

The McDreamy doc dons a mini-kilt in a scene in his latest rom-com Made of Honor and reveals he tried his best to follow the upstanding Scottish tradition of wearing nada underneath.

“For a short time [I was],” he tells AOL. “I tried it out and I realized that this is not the kilt I want to be doing that in. Yeah, I didn’t need to show that.”

Unfortunately for fans, it may be a while before Patrick will try it again as he must scrub up for Grey’s Anatomy. With the season finale fast approaching on May 22, the 42-year-old star drops some hints as to what the future holds for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek.

“I have like a rainbow color of pages in front of me that I’m trying to put together in my script, and I just got to the final scene. And it’s a beautiful scene where we get back together,” he says. “It’s really quite something. It’s unexpected, I think, the way it plays itself out. It kind of gets back to the essence of what made this show so great.”

Calling it a “good” decision by creator Shonda Rhimes to rekindle the achy lovebirds’ relationship, Patrick hopes the storyline will keep viewers’ interest well into next season – the show’s fifth.

“I hope we just keep entertaining people. I think that’s the key here,” he says. “And hopefully, we don’t get stuck in a rut and we don’t repeat ourselves. I just want the show to keep moving forward and hopefully stay fresh.”

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