In case you weren’t aware, Patrick Dempsey is hot. So hot, in fact, that the Grey’s Anatomy star has topped AOL TV’s list of the 50 Hunkiest TV Stars of all time.


McDreamy himself isn’t about to tousle his own gorgeous hair, however.


"Well, there’s always going to be somebody else who’s going to come along and be the next handsome person," says. "It’s so subjective. And there are also a lot of people out there who aren’t being recognized, maybe just because they’re not on a hit show or something. So you have to kind of take it all with a grain of salt."


If that grain of salt comes with Patrick attached, we’ll take it! As for being the focus of so many adoring fans, the dimpled TV doctor is grateful for the spotlight, to a certain degree.


"It’s certainly great having the attention," he admits, adding, "It’s always good for one’s ego, but at the end of day, it really is quite an empty statement if you don’t have family around you. Because there is no way you can live up to it."


Patrick beat out 49 other TV hotties, including George Clooney at #2, Josh Holloway, Taye Diggs, Tom Welling and John Stamos. Check out the whole list here!

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