A year into his struggle with pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze says he’s not giving up, and will keep fighting. He’s even working on a new TV series as he deals with the cancer.


"I’ve never been one to run from a challenge," he tells Barbara Walters in his first  interview since his cancer diagnosis last January.


But just because he’s not running, doesn’t mean he’s got his own worries about the future. 


"I don’t know," he replies, when asked if he’s scared. "I will be so either truthful or stupid as to say no. But then I immediately, when I say that, I have to say yes, I am."

"You can bet that I’m going through hell," he adds in the interview, airing Wednesday, Jan. 7 at 10 p.m. ET. "And I’ve only seen the beginning of it."

The Dirty Dancing star first realized something was amiss when on New Year’s Eve last year, celebrating with his wife, Lisa Niemi.

"I tried to have champagne, and it would be like pouring acid, you know, on an open wound."

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