Paula Abdul is not above giving advice to her American Idol replacement, telling reporters today about her words of wisdom for Ellen Degeneres while at the 2009 AMA Nominee Announcements. As for her own future, Paula’s only giving away tiny hints!

Paula doesn’t show any bitter feelings for Ellen replacing her on American Idol and instead offered her some advice in dealing with Simon Cowell. Paula said, “She’s just got to be herself. Being herself is powerful enough. It’s a whole new dimension. I’ll be watching and rooting everyone on.”

While she is watching Idol she’ll be doing something to stay busy, but what exactly, she just won’t say!

Rumors have spread that Paula will be doing Dancing with the Stars instead and to that she said, “I love the show. But I don’t know. Maybe eventually down the line because it’s like one of those. I don’t know the first thing about ballroom dancing.”

Paula continued, “What I find so amazing about that show is the fish out of water and the little guppies turning into beautiful fish or the ugly ducklings turning into the swans. It’s truly amazing. I mean, I love it.”

Sounds like quite a possibility then, but she only will say that an announcement on what she will be doing will be made “shortly. ”

“And you’ll find a lot of them very interesting because they have nothing to do with any of what you’re talking about,” she teased.

Sounds like she’ll be doing more than just one thing. Get ready for more Paula!

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