She’s never one to keep her thoughts to herself, but Paula Abdul has made some pretty explosive allegations about her American Idol bosses in the last couple of days.

Yesterday Paula revealed that Paula Goodspeed, the woman who committed suicide outside the Idol judge’s home on Nov. 11, had been stalking her for 12 years.

And later that day, in an interview on Barbara’s Walters’ Sirrius radio show, Here’s Barbara, Paula said that she had pleaded with Idol producers not to allow Goodspeed to audition during season five.

But the Opposites Attract singer claimed that despite the fact that she had had restraining orders taken out against Goodspeed — Idol bosses were excited to have her try out because she was "crazy about" Paula.

On this morning’s edition on The View, Barbara relayed some of the conversation they had had on the radio.

"[Paula Abdul] said she did not want [Goodspeed] trying out," Barbara said, "she said, ‘we had restraining orders at times’: she knew this woman was stalking her.

"She said, ‘I asked them not to put her on — it made me terribly nervous — but she showed up and I was pre-warned by the producers, ‘wait til you see this next girl — my God, she’s crazy about you.’


"And, against my wishes, they kept allowing her to try out."

Fox which broadcasts Idol declined to comment on Paula’s remarks.

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