Okay — there is officially no hope for the rest of us!

Penelope Cruz, without doubt one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, thinks she’s (ready?) not beautiful!

When Parade.com asked the Spanish star her secret for looking so amazing in both her new movies, Vicky Christina Barcelona and Elegy, she said simply: "I don’t have any.

"I don’t think I am beautiful. I can look good and I can look ugly.


"What’s funny is that when I was younger I wanted everyone to look at me. Now I like to watch other people because you can learn a lot of interesting things."

But it sounds like the cast of Vicky Christina who showed up for the filming of her love scene’s with Scarlett Johansson don’t quite agree with her self-assessment.

"The set was very crowded that day and I’m not sure everyone had a reason to be there," she said.

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