Penélope Cruz doesn’t ever slow down.”I’ve always been a worrier,” says Penélope in an interview with Vanity Fair. “Since I was a little girl I’ve always felt that if I had a moment of peace I’d wonder. Are you sure you can afford to feel like this?” Penélope graces the November cover and tells (almost) all regarding her childhood dream of acting, who’s a better kisser between Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron and her relationship with Javier Bardem.

Far from slowing down, Penélope is only working harder after wining an Oscar last year for her role in Woody Allen’s film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. This month she has two movies being released: one European and the other American: Pedro Almodóvar‘s Broken Embraces and Rob Marshall’s Nine will mark Penélope success as an international actress.

In addition, Nine gives her the opportunity to try something new in a film that she has always wanted to do, sing. Marshall said, “She’d be the last one in that soundstage working, and I’d have to say, ‘Penélope it’s over.'”

Penélope’s passion as well as her beauty can intimidate those around her, but both make her characters that much more powerful. “I don’t like to look at Penélope directly. It is too overwhelming,” jokes Woody.

On growing up in Alcobendas, Spain and hanging out at a salon: “It was my first acting school. I would pretend to be doing my homework, but I was really observing the women. I found their behavior mesmerizing — what they were hiding, how they left feeling a little different after they’d been helped to become a little more like whom they wanted to look like. They treated the place a little bit like a psychologist’s office. They would share all their secrets.”

On who the better kisser is between Charlize and Scarlett: “No matter how I answer that I will be in trouble. Both were pretty beautiful partners.”

On Javier: Penélope tells the interviewer simply, “Not going there.”

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