A normal guy would most likely be very freaked out if his gorgeous blond starlet of a girlfriend was making out with Ben Affleck for a movie — but then again, Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley isn’t your average guy. He opened up to Just Jared at last night’s exclusive opening of the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 in NYC, revealing how his relationship with the lovely Blake Lively works.

“I’ll say this, because we don’t talk about this much, but in another relationship, I might be,” Penn says of not getting jealous while Blake shoots romantic scenes with Ben for The Town. “But with her, she and I have such an unbelievable trust. So in this situation, no, I’m not remotely. It’s not that I’m an inconceivably jealous person, but in this particular relationship, no.”

In fact, Penn is so secure with Blake, that he doesn’t get clingy — even when they’re in the same city.

“I know what the job entails, so I don’t want to be there distracting her,” he says of being in Boston and not visiting Blake’s set. I like to spend my own time by myself so I give her that respect. In fact, a lot of the time, she wants me to come and I say, “No, I think you should take it.”

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