Penn Badgley shared the secrets with OK! about what really goes on between takes on the set of Gossip GirlChace Crawford‘s dancing, diaper-changing and oh yeah… threesomes!

OK! caught up with Penn at the Hennessy Artistry Series Finale on Wednesday and while he wouldn’t say who is in the GG threesome, he did share other behind the scenes secrets.

How do you keep busy between takes?
“Threesomes! [laughs] That’s an interesting question. We just hang out with the crew.”

Matthew Settle has said he’s going to have the cast change diapers on the set. Has he gotten around to that yet?
“He hasn’t told me, but I don’t doubt that. He’s a bundle of laughs and many other things. I imagine that’s true. He’ll probably bring his baby on set, and have us do that.”

How are Chace’s dancing skills?
“I haven’t seen them. He was going to show them to Blake [Lively] at one point, but that never happened. He’s probably getting very good. I believe it.”

Seen him dancing in the background?
“You know what I saw him do one time? He did a little bit of a move coming across … the Usher foot slide. And I didn’t realize what he was doing, and then I realized ‘oh, he’s training right now.’ It was over quickly. It was very brief. He thought nobody was watching.”

Everybody will be watching now!
Reporting by Valerie Nome

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