Listen up, guys — if you want a girlfriend like Blake Lively, you can start by paying attention to Penn Badgley. The Gossip Girl gentleman opened up to Women’s Health in the October issue about the best piece of relationship advice he’s received.

“Passion is number one and trust is number two,” says Penn. “You need to start with a passionate connection, and if you can maintain it and cultivate it, that’s most important. Then trust can develop. I have both now, and it’s been an incredible thing.”

Now that Penn’s nabbed Blake, he keeps her happy by learning his way around the kitchen!

“Earlier this year I went to Thailand and took some cooking classes,” he reveals. “I learned how to make classic Thai dishes, which are exotic, spicy and quick and easy to make-and a rare thing to cook for a woman. I made a yellow curry with pineapple. I think pineapple is very sexy.  It reminds me of bikinis and the beach.”

Sounds good to us!

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