Turn on the TV these days and you’re bound to see young starlets sporting rail-thin limbs and jutting clavicles on shows like the new 90210.


Even before Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup whittled down to zero and below zero sizes, other stars of the screen like Calista Flockhart, Portia de Rossi and Ellen Pompeo caught flack for their bony frames.


But at least one hunky leading man doesn’t find the 100 pound-and-under club so hot. Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley told PopEater.com that he’s happy that his female castmates haven’t subscribed to the thin is in unhealthy ideal, and that he’s "never been a proponent of the thin L.A. girls."


"I hope they eat a double cheeseburger or something," he says.


Better make that a triple. 


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