Hey guys!


So I got a perfect 30 last night! It was my first one so far and I couldn’t appreciate it any more than I do, especially because I got it during the jive competition. That was a huge compliment from Carrie Ann.  Len [Goodman] said yum, yum.  It was a buffet.  I’m glad he appreciates some of the tricks Mark [Ballas, dance partner] put in there.  It caused a lot of anxiety in rehearsal.  I want to thank the judges for the tens.  I love it!


The jive was amazing.  I think Mark and I were both really nervous but once the music started, it was like boom!  It’s a high energy song.  I’ve never had so much fun dancing as I did.


I think just the energy of the jive is the best.  I think we’ve been so serious the past few weeks that just to break out of it and be like YEAH!  I think I actually yelled during the dance at one point, like whooo!  I felt like it was a party.


Next week, if I make it through, we’ll have to perform two dances. It will mean much longer hours.  I don’t know!  We’ll do the best we can.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed!



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