For platinum-selling, award-winning rock band Fall Out Boy, the ride to the top of the charts has been fueled by a unique mix of talent, charm, timing and luck. But it recently looked like the gods of good fortune weren’t shining on the boys in the band during their attempt to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records by being the only band to play on all seven continents in under nine months came to an end due to bad weather in Antarctica.

“We sat for five days in Punta Arena, Chile — the southern-most populated city in the world," bassist Pete Wentz told OK! earlier this week at our Viva La Karaoke night inside Pete’s downtown Manhattan bar Angels & Kings. "But the weather was insane so we weren’t able to go.”

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Don’t expect Fall Out Boy to give up all together. “We are probably going to try to go again at some point," Pete explained. "My recommendation would be to not try to go to Antarctica in the winter!”

And how should one pack for the South Pole? “It’s hard because jackets take up so much room so you have to pack one suitcase with all your clothes,” the Chicago native laughs.


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By Alisandra Puliti


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