Being part of the massively popular series Twilight definitely has its perks — but also its downfalls, according to Peter Facinelli: He tells Women’s Health fans are excited to meet him — and use him as an errand boy to get to Robert Pattinson! “People always come up to me and say, ‘Oh my God, you’re Carlisle — can you give this letter to Rob?’ ” dishes Peter. “I’ve become the pony express to Rob Pattinson, but I’ve yet to get one letter from [him]. Maybe he’s hoarding them.”

So what is it that makes women love vampires so much? Peter thinks it’s got to do with human desire.

“The hunger of wanting something so much that you can taste them is very intimate, beautiful, and romantic,” he explains. “It’s a metaphor [for sex].”

Speaking of sex, Peter, who’s married to actress Jennie Garth, definitely has an opinion on what a woman’s most seductive asset is.

“Lips are sexy.  They’re a tool for communication but also a tool for kissing,” he says. “They’re sexy both visually and intellectually.”

Kind of like Peter himself!

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