Even though his New Moon counterpart Carlisle Cullen never sleeps, Peter Facinelli could use a little R&R. The Twilight star is looking forward to spending family time this holiday season. “I’d like to just relax a lot and spend time with my family,” Peter tells OK!

“I’ve been so busy lately, so it’s going to be a nice time not to have to be or do anything — do anything or be anywhere — and just focus on my family.”

As far as his family’s wish list, more Daddy time would be the greatest gift!

“I think they’d like me to spend time with them. I’ve been so busy shooting Eclipse and Nurse Jackie, so yeah, they’re looking forward to me coming home and having a nice Christmas break with them.”

Peter and wife Jennie Garth have three young daughters. We wonder if they are Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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