Peter Facinelli needs your help, loyal fans, if he doesn’t want to lose the back of his Twilight director’s chair, the piece of fabric with his own name on it, to his best bud in a bet.


Peter bet pal Rob "Rob D." DeFranco he could reach 500,000 followers on Twitter by tomorrow. If he loses, he says bye-bye to that piece of his chair.


However if Peter does reach his goal, his pal has to dance down Hollywood Boulevard in a bikini while singing Beyoncé‘s "Single Ladies" and holding a sign that says, "Twitter Me."

Right now he’s at around 235,000 followers, and has promised to give that chair back to one of his followers if he wins.


So what are you waiting for, Twi-hards, get to clicking and help Dr. Carlisle Cullen out!


(In case you missed the three links to Peter’s Twitter, go here:


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