An accomplished actor from all angles – film, TV and stage –
Philip Seymour Hoffman has played a bevy of quirky and idiosyncratic characters
over the years, but as he’s gotten older, those parts have gotten more serious.

“You find that your interest and curiosities change over time,” he tells OK! at
the premiere of his new film, The Savages. “There are things that I did 10
years ago as an actor that I would not want to do now as an actor.”

In the film, Philip and Laura Linney play estranged brother and sister who come
to together to care for their ailing abusive father. It was a part that spoke
to the 40-year-old Oscar winner.

“It was a great script. It’s never just the role – it’s always the role and the story,” he explains. “They have to go hand-in-hand and this is a really
a great script and it’s a role that pertains to where I am in my life – where
being 40 is in your life. It’s interesting to explore something that you find
pertinent to life at this time in your life.”

The themes of parenthood and sibling relationships no doubt
attracted the father of two the project as well. Philip and his longtime girlfriend
Mimi O’Donnell are parents to Cooper, 4, and Tallulah, 1, whom he’ll definitely
be with this Thanksgiving.

“Not sure yet what we’re doing, but I will hang with my
family and eat and I will not be working.”

By Ravi Yande

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