Months after she originally arrived in NYC to shoot scenes for upcoming spy flick Salt, Angelina Jolie returned to the Big Apple today to re-shoot certain scenes after a few new script changes, an insider tells OK!.

Angie got down to business at NYC west side hot spot, The Frying Pan — a ship anchored in the Hudson River that also serves as a bar/restaurant — which was used for both interior and exterior scenes in the spy-thriller. Originally, the scene had been shot in Long Island, N.Y.

According to the set insider, the re-shoots follow script changes involving Angie’s character’s husband.

“They’re basically writing him out of the movie,” the source says. “In the original script Angelina watches her husband die in a scene. After they shot it they didn’t like it for some reason and decided to change the script so they have to re-shoot some scenes.”

Angie will be in town through Wednesday, the source adds, so if you’re in the area, keep your eyes peeled!

Reporting by Laura Lane

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