For her first real magazine cover shoot, Twilight star Ashley Greene ditches her goth-y vampire look from the hit films and replaces it with bright colors and glitzy accessories. And though Twilight and its upcoming sequel New Moon are how audiences know Ashley best, the actress says she’s not worried about being typecast.

“Maybe Kristen and Rob will kind of have a little bit more of a shadow behind them that always links them to Twilight,” Ashley tells Saturday Night Magazine, “But Alice is a vampire, yes, but she has this human heart. She’s really lovable and really likable, sort of like the best friend, and so I think that might help me in the other films. I think the fans already love me and love Alice. I think it’s a positive. I don’t think I’m going to be pigeonholed. If I always played the hot, stupid chick, then I might be pigeonholed as that. I get to kind of choose my films, which hopefully I will choose wisely and build off of that versus pissing the fans off. I want to do an action film just because there’s already a bit of action in Twilight, and when I did it I absolutely took to it and loved it.”

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