Although the Internet was abuzz last weekend with rumors of Brangelina nuptials, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie remain happily un-married for the third year running. And while they may be content with their marital status, some other people in their lives aren’t.

The wedding rumors reached the Pitt family, who definitely had their hopes up for the reports to be true.

“The whole family is still keeping their fingers crossed that someday they will tie the knot,” a source close to the family tells OK!.

Brad’s mom, Jane, has warmed Angelina up to the idea of marriage, but the twice-divorced actress subscribes to the mantra of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

“Jane has a really hard time with them not being married,” the source tells OK!. “She feels that they need to be married for the kids.”

As for Brad, the actor "would love to marry her but doesn’t want to force her, and I’ve never seen Brad so happy.”

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