Actor Jeremy Piven may not be well enough to perform on Broadway due to purported "mercury poisoning," but that’s apparently not stopping one of Hollywood’s most notorious ladies men from being up to his old behavior.

According to an item in Monday’s New York Post, the Entourage star, who recently cut short his on-stage stint in Broadway play Speed-the-Plow, was also wooing two women — who both work at the same club!

The Post claims that Piven first hooked up with Mansion NYC waitress Ashley Chontos, and then began seeing Mansion hostess Brandi Harper at the same time.

If true, this behavior is quite similar to the bad-boy act Jeremy put on a few years ago while performing in the Off-Broadway play Fat Pig.

"Several times a week, there would be a different attractive woman come to the box office saying Jeremy had reserved them a ticket for the show," a source tells OK! about the 2004 production. "Thing was — He never actually paid for any of these girls’ tickets, so they would have to cough up the money themselves… Most of them didn’t."

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