He may be full of mercury, but it seems that Jeremy Piven has something of a golden touch.

After all, it’s not every guy who can send out a boozy, late-night text message and end up with not only a new girlfriend, but a $1million endorsement deal offer as well.

Last month it was revealed that the Entourage star collected a bunch of girls’ numbers at Britney Spears‘ birthday party — then sent out a mass text saying, "Come to my room – whoever responds first gets me for the night."

The, erm, lucky winner is now his new girlfriend, model-turned-waitress Ashley Chandos. And now a text message company has offered him all that money to tell the world about the (in his case very obvious) benefits of mass-messaging.

The CEO of EzTexting.com, which lets business advertise by sending out bulk texts, says, "What our company needs right now is an influential representative like Jeremy Piven, who knows the value of sending out a mass text message to reach an intended audience for marketing and other purposes — in his case, to find a beautiful woman at the end of a long night."

How romantic!


That Ashley really is a lucky girl. Although, after his bout of mercury poisoning we suspect his luck with the ladies isn’t so much to do with his text messages as his magnetic personality.

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