If you're a Pretty Little Liars fan, you know how tight-lipped the cast and crew are about revealing anything that might spoil upcoming episodes. At the PLL event at the Paley Center in Los Angeles on Monday night, the stars and producers did their best to keep mum, but even the vaguest answers made us hungry for more information and left conspiracy theories swirling in our heads.

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That evening the cast was just wrapping up filming this year's highly-anticipated Halloween episode, and executive producer Oliver Goldstick promises it's going to be a doozy.

"It’s a really exciting episode," he teases. "It isn’t Halloween night but it is a hell of a scary night that rivals any Halloween you’ve ever had. We can’t have the girls graduate so quickly, they had Halloween last season. It’s sort of supposed to be a couple of weeks later because time moves at a glacial pace in Rosewood. None of us get older."

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The gang takes a trip to Ravenswood, helping to spin off the upcoming new ABC Family series which will star Tyler Blackburn.

"There are some hair-raising moments of being in a town where the dead sort of mingle with the living," says Oliver. "We introduce the town earlier in the season but you’ll spend some real time there during the Halloween episode. It’s an endless night and you’ll be trapped in a very scary place."

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Ravenswood, which will be shot in Louisiana as opposed to the Warner Bros. soundstage in Burbank, Calif. that houses the PLL sets, sounds like it's going to be creepy, like, really creepy.

"Ravenswood deals a little more with the supernatural," says Oliver. "We don’t claim to deal with the supernatural in Pretty Little Liars. We’ve had elements, we’ve had moments where we go, 'Is that a ghost?,' but we always ground it. At the end of the day we can explain what you saw as being very real and not a manifestation at all. We don’t really deal with the supernatural and Ravenswood entitles us, or at least gives us the license, to dabble with a different palette."

So does this mean, gulp, we'll never see Caleb mingling with the Liars ever again?

"We don’t say he’s leaving forever," says Oliver. "There’s a compelling reason for him to stay in the new town. When he gets to Ravenswood something occurs in that episode that is chilling and riveting and he can’t leave…at least not right away. He’s got to solve this conundrum."

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Tyler, who was also on hand for the PLL event, is leaving the show with mixed emotions.

"(There will) probably be lots of tears and laughter simultaneously," he predicts of his last day on the Liars set.

As for season four of Pretty Little Liars, all three executive producers say it will be a series of answers for the show's die-hard fans.

"I think people who have been formulating theories for years will not be disappointed," says Oliver. "Put some cushion beneath the couch because you’re going to fall off. It’s going to be some shocking revelations and moments where people say, 'I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. From season one, episode four I knew this.' What’s so great about this is you can go back to former seasons and watch those episodes and go, 'Oh my God, it was there. It was sitting on a wall like a painting. It was staring at me but I didn’t trust my instincts.' I think it’s really exciting."

Catch Pretty Little Liars as new episodes continue to roll out every Tuesday night at 8 PM on ABC Family.

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