The Bahamas police have confirmed that there were people seeking to gain money from the family of John Travolta to keep a "damaging document" allegedly involved with the death of Jett Travolta private.

"All I can say here is that, you know, there was a complaint made by Mr. Travolta – and those acting on his behalf –that there was an attempt on behalf of a number of individuals to extort initially some $25 million from the Travoltas," Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames  told the The Nassau Guardian.

"Acting on that complaint we initiated the investigation and it has brought us to this particular point."

While the document behind the extortion has only been guessed at – including speculation that it is a picture of Jett in the ambulance – Dames says that isn’t true, claiming that the conspirators evidence is a refusal to transport document. Police have a copy of the document but haven’t been able to verify its authenticity.


Such paperwork would be signed if  family wanted to refuse emergency medical services from trained personnel. That kind of document would clear a hospital of any blame if the patient were to die or be injured.


Former lawmaker Pleasant Bridgewater and paramedic Torino Lightbourne have been charged in the extortion case.


"In this context, a document like that does not apply because as we know young Jett was not… he did not have any minor injuries. He was very ill. And so the document does not come into play," Dames said.

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