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On last week’s finale episode of I Want to Work For Diddy, Suzanne and Mike took the top prize.

But the name that will remain on every one lips is definitely PoPrah!

I caught up with the diva herself, a.k.a. Kim Kearney, to find out about her Diddy experience and future plans. Of course, she had a lot to say!

How do you feel about your show experience?
It was very sweet, but at the same time, being hated on made it a little challenging. I learned a lot about myself and the general population from how they reacted. They were very perceptive. I ended up with more fans than of anyone of the show, even though I was edited to be this bitch from hell. I got a lot of interest.

What went through your mind when Diddy fired you?
Relief, because I wanted to leave. I serve one God, and his name ain’t Diddy. The people currently working for him, they kind of cower at his feet in fear and bow when he speaks. I’m like, “Oh hell no, I’ll never do this." This is not the person I thought I wanted to work for. He is someone I respect as a businessperson, but not for working under him. The energy was totally negative and uncomfortable. I just wanted it to end.

The staff accused you of being insubordinate.
I felt very sabotaged. They made it appear like I just sat there. I told his assistant I need this list and she kept telling me don’t use the one I had because it needed a lot of changes. I was just trying to be supportive and understanding by not demanding it. Just before Diddy came in they told me to run through the building and invite people, one by one, on every single floor of Bad Boy. It was to distract me from focusing on the task, just like walking the freaking dog. It was just BS.

Will you keep the name PoPrah?
Yes. When I created that name, I was thinking of the best qualities of Puffy and Oprah. He still has some good qualities: he’s a visionary and a hard worker.

What are you doing now?
I’ve got a clothing line, It can be difficult finding clothes that are cool and sexy but physically appropriate for my size and still have style. I want to change that perception and make clothes that look great on date and a movie. I’ve got, a dating site for the big girls. And I’m developing a reality show, Big Girls Need Love Too.

Do you keep in touch with anyone from the show?
Rob is doing some consulting for me on Fatabulous. He realizes I milked this situation, he said maybe he should have done that too. Boris and I are cool, he was misportrayed at times. I had a real connection with Kendra.

A lot of people have commented on your weight.
Please let it be known that it was horrible decision on why to get fat, because men in the industry did not respect women who were thin. I’m planning on losing a little.

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