The Marc Jacobs show is the Oscar night of Fashion Week, and I can hardly believe it when photographers snap me walking into the show attended by Victoria Beckham, Courtney Love, Sheryl Crow, Mischa Barton, Heath Ledger, Elisha Cuthbert, Russell Simmons, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amy Poehler and Michelle Rodriguez.

The flashbulbs take some getting used to, but I’m sure I can do it. 😉 I feel like a deer in headlights!

The show, which starts two hours late, is the place to be. On one side, we have Courtney smoking cigarettes beside Deborah, who is seated next to Amy. On the other is Sheryl, who is near Mischa, who is next to a texting Elisha, who is beside Carmen. Ah yes, and there’s Posh Spice, who is relishing her time in NYC.

“I love all the stores here, but I love the vintage stores,” Victoria says. “I think they’re fantastic.”

And hello, Sheryl!

“I wear a lot of Marc Jacobs because it fits right,” Sheryl says. “It’s classically gorgeous with a little bit of edge and comfort.”

The singer, who vacationed in Italy and Hawaii this summer, prefers New York Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week. “I just love New York period. I think people really come out for stuff. I would think that New York fashion is more edgy, and more fun. It’s uppity in Paris. I enjoy Paris because it’s a complete departure for me, but I like New York because it’s edgy and rock ‘n’ roll.”

Next up is Mischa, who describes Marc’s clothing as “feminine but fun.” She says, “He always seems to have a very angelic line.”

It’s great to catch up with Amy, who is part of the Valerie Gallery. What does she love about Fashion Week? “I love a lot of crowds,” she jokes to me. “Who doesn’t? I love crowds. Right now my style is a little sweaty.”

Michelle Trachtenberg, who counts Marc as a friend, tells me her fashion sense is eclectic. “There’s a sophisticated side to me, and there’s the rocker side. You can count on me to be in jeans, cute heels and a t-shirt. Marc makes women look beautiful, cute and sexy all at the same time.” Russell tells me to call his look “the urban graduate.”

How would Michelle Rodriguez describe her style? “I think comfort works,” she says.

The lights dim, and models strut their lingerie-inspired gowns.

After the show, I go backstage where I find a kind-hearted Courtney. “The kind of woman he designs for is intellectual, but I saw a lot of sexuality in the show,” she tells me.

Rock on.

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