For nine days, Pras exchanged the comforts of his posh digs for an earthier experience on the streets of Los Angeles in hopes of exposing one of the most forgotten problems in America — homelessness.

In his powerful documentary Skid Row, the rapper takes a look at this crisis in Los Angeles’ five-block radius of Skid Row, by experiencing it firsthand. “I panhandled and slept on the sidewalk,” he tells OK! “I had to keep warm with what I had.” He even continues that in order to get 10 dollars from a woman, all he had to do was smile, but that didn’t come easy for Pras because he doesn’t like his smile. Jokes aside, this was a life-changing event for the former Fugee.

The last day was the hardest for him. “I felt kind of weird leaving,” the superstar says. It may have been bittersweet to leave his new surroundings, but he has a lot to keep him occupied. His new album, Experience, comes out in January with his new single, "Pop Life," coming out in a couple of weeks. As for a new Fugee album, Pras explains, “It’s not going to happen unless [Lauren] gets her act together, and she feels this is something she really wants to do.”

By: Alisandra Puliti

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