Pregnant In Heels star Rosie Pope dishes on why the Arnold Schwarzenegger situation is so horrifying, and how readers can prevent their husbands from taking off with the nanny/housekeeper.

Plus, the married mom of two talks about being spoofed on Saturday Night Live, and what kids think of her “speech impediment” also known as her British accent.

As a celebrity pregnancy concierge, maternity designer and host of Bravo’s Pregnant In Heels, Rosie has seen it all (but she admits she’s never seen a woman hire an attractive nanny).

According to the reality star, we’re shaken by the demise of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage and secret love child because the couple was seen as upstanding, and if it can happen to them, it can happen to us.

Maria Shriver is such an honorable and amazing woman,” she tells me at the Pampers Limited Edition Prints launch held this week at Magno Studios in NYC. “I think it’s a real shame that this has happened. I think one of the reasons people are being so joyous with the royal family, and looking to Kate and Wills, is that we want a perfect family. We want to look at that, and I think it’s aspirational. There are few families like that, and I think the Shrivers and the Schwarzeneggers were the family like that. The fact that it turned out not to be as perfect as everybody thought is a real shame. For their children, what has happened is so difficult. Was it worth it? No, of course not. I don’t know why he had to go and do that.”

But Arnold is hardly the first celebrity who has dallied with the help. (Jude Law and his nanny, anyone?) Still, keeping housework in the home isn’t the only safeguard.

“It’s not necessarily about the nanny,” she says. “If your husband or your partner is somebody that is going to commit infidelities, the nanny is just someone who’s around a lot more, so if they are attracted to the nanny, maybe it’s more likely that it would be the nanny as opposed to someone else. I think it’s less about the nanny, and more a comment on marriage and what’s going on there. Apparently, it wasn’t so great.”

While marriages often falter soon after kids join the family, Rosie offers up a prescription for keeping unions sacred and strong.

“Everybody knows that when you have kids, you have a lot less time, and when you’re a mom, you become so in love and influenced by the children you have that you put your husband second. It’s not that I’m being old-fashioned and saying that ‘you must do your wifely duties,’ but a marriage takes work, and a marriage needs intimacy – otherwise you become roommates. It’s something you can’t deny, and nobody wants to talk about it, but you need to keep having sex and you need to keep being intimate. Otherwise, you lose that connection. I think it’s hard at first, and I think it does take work, but I think then you can start to enjoy it again. You can’t ignore it – just like you can’t ignore the things you need to do to be a parent.”

She continues, “Keep working at it. That doesn’t mean that some people aren’t going to be horrible and cheat on you, but by and large, if you do work on your marriage, it’s more likely to succeed.”

For Rosie, finding herself spoofed on Saturday Night Live was a joy.

“I love it,” she says. “Honestly, it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened. It was the honor of my career to be spoofed on Saturday Night Live. I loved it. I didn’t know it was going to happen, so I saw it the next day. It was so scary when I was told I was going to be on because I was like ‘oh my God, it’s going to be awful.’  And then, I saw it. Honestly, it was amazing. Really, truly wonderful.”

Hmm, little kids are honest … have they ever questioned her voice?

“No,” she says with a laugh. “Little kids have never had a problem understanding me, I have to say. I think it’s funny. I never knew that’s what people were going to get upset about. ‘Speech impediment, lisp, what is she talking about?’ As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with my tongue – however I think it’s hilarious that people are talking about it.”

Here’s my pic with Rosie:

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