You never really know how you’ll react when you find out you’re pregnant for the first time.

But LeeLee Sobieski, who announced last week she’s expecting her first child in December, tells OK! that for her, it was the most beautiful moment.

“I felt shocked, and then really happy,” says the Public Enemies star, “and then so in love.”

So it’s hardly surprising that LeeLee, who was at the opening performance of the New York Metropolitan Opera’s new season with fiancé Adam Kimmel, says that the thing she’s most looking forward to is “just cuddling with the baby.”

LeeLee, who says the pregnancy is “going well,”  added that she’s still managing to stay in shape.

“I’m still going to my personal trainer,” she said, “but just keeping it really low, and taking long walks along the Hudson [River].”

But it sounds like her new pregnancy diet is helping too!

“I eat less ice cream than I ever did because the baby takes up so much space,” she admits.

And as for cravings?

“You kind of want ginger to settle the stomach sometimes, and macaroni and cheese,” says LeeLee. “I kind of like little kid food. I like eating what little kids eat.”

Adam and LeeLee, who say they pushed back their wedding because of the pregnancy, say they don’t want to know whether it’s going to be a boy or girl.

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