He may be surrounded by elite guards. But apparently that doesn’t mean Prince Harry can’t get his cell phone swiped like the rest of us!

The second in line to the British throne has been doing charity work in the tiny African nation of Lesotho with some of the other soldiers from his regiment.

And even though he’s miles out in the middle of nowhere, the party-loving prince still somehow managed to find a nightclub where he could kick back with his buddies.

But when he left his jacket on his seat (maybe you’re not too security-conscious when you’re used to private members’ clubs!) a sneaky thief, completely unaware he was about to rob a Royal, rifled through the pockets and grabbed his cell.

And before he knew it, the pick-pocket had a crack security squad hunting him down!

"When we eventually found the culprit it took quite some time to explain to him that he had stolen from the prince," a member of the Lesotho Defence Force told Britain’s Daily Mail.

Apparently His Royal Highness, who isn’t going to press charges, didn’t care about losing the phone — but he was just a little nervous about his phone book getting into the wrong hands.

So it seems that being a prince doesn’t save you from having your cell stolen. But apparently it does mean you stand a chance of getting it back again.

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