Project Runway returns tonight, and Season 2 alum Andrae Gonzalo already knows who he’s rooting for: fellow L.A. designer Rami Kashou. “I know him and I think he’s really talented,” Andrae told me at a private viewing of his new fashion line, Single After Eight. “I think he’ll be one of the names people talk about a lot.”

Andrae’s new collection of evening wear from the celeb-friendly fashion line is a dazzling array of beautiful and practical evening frocks that would fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. But Andrae advised me they aren’t just for night. “You can wear one to a red carpet, but also on a rainy day under a cardigan,” he explained as I admired a strapless blue silk belted sheath. “If I was a woman, I would go grocery shopping in one of these gowns. It makes you feel like you’re a valuable person.”

Andrae has remained friends with his fellow Season 2 competitors, especially Nick Verreos. “We speak at conferences together all the time.” He still looks fondly back at how kindly he and his fellow competitors treated each other during their Runway run – even devious Santino Rice. “We had all come off of watching Season One and nobody wanted to be as awful as Wendy Pepper,” Andrae laughed.

Andrae’s biggest fashion tip? “Allow yourself an editorial day every month,” he shared. “Tell yourself, ‘Today I’m walking out of a fashion magazine.’”

Dressed in one of his creations, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Project Runway, Season 4, premieres Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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