Queen Máxima of the Netherlands spoke about the death of her sister for the first time since her passing two weeks ago.

While visiting the UMC Groningen Proton Therapy Center, the Queen broke down while speaking of Ines, who died of an apparent suicide in her home in Buenos Aires earlier this month.

“I’m so pleased to be back at work at this center, which helps so many people suffering from cancer. People who are ill, but who haven’t lost hope to recover,” Máxima began. “My sweet and talented younger sister Ines was also ill. She was unable to find happiness and sadly couldn’t get better. Our only consolation is to think that she has finally found peace.”

“I also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has sent cards and messages,” Máxima continued. “It’s been such a great help. I also want to thank the press for respecting our family’s privacy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

This was the Queen’s first public appearance since her sister’s passing. She was scheduled to tour Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia with her husband, but withdrew from the trip following her sister’s death.

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