On Lifetime’s series, Matched in Manhattan, Matt Titus along with his wife Tamsen Fadal try and teach Manhattan singles just how to fall in love the right way. They especially try and teach clueless women how to attract the right guys and get into great relationships. In addition to the show, Matt and his wife just released a book called Why Hasn’t He Called? Matt stopped by the OK! offices to advise us on how to get the guy and make sure we’ve got his undivided attention!

Tell me a bit about the show.
The most important thing, when we agreed to do the show, was that it be helpful to singles out there. Even people involved in relationships too. The content is meant to be taken with the viewer and applied to their dating life. That’s what I think makes us a little bit different. Usually live dating shows are trainwrecks, and people like to watch that, but ours somehow delivers great information and it’s fun too — and that’s hard to do.

You give a type of old-fashioned advice?
Chivalry’s back. Our big thing is every single thing is from a male perspective — I’m spilling the beans on my janitor, I’m becoming at traitor to men, and I’m revealing all the secrets of the boys club and in every single different scenario in dating, I can tell you how to flirt to attract a certain type of guy. I can tell you how to dress to attract a certain kind of guy, and on a first date I can tell you how to get a second date if you’re interested. Men are a nightmare — they’re just as desperate and insecure and women are getting a bum rap.

So you have the show now, you have the book out — what is your overall mission?

The overriding mission is to be the number one voice in romance and relationship for women and men to listen to.

Would you want to have your own talk show?

Actually, that’s the plan. My wife and I want to do a Kelly and Regis kind of talk show — it would be called Love Is in the Air. All about dating, relationships — we do crazy things. I’m just trying to speak man to women so they get the language. I’m a traitor — I should be in a witness protection program for all the information I’m giving to women.

Do you think that men are more complicated than women?

Yes, one hundred percent. Women are “crazy” because men make them that way. Women are “desperate” because we make them that way.


Fittingly, the Matched in Manhattan marathon, which is also the show’s finale runs on Feb. 14 on Lifetime.

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