Of all the things Twilight fans are dying to know in the days leading to the film’s premiere, Robert Pattinson‘s hygiene is probably not one of them.

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However, Pattinson, who plays the gorgeous blood-sucking vampire Edward Cullen, recently admitted to ET Canada that he suffers from a good old-fashioned flaky scalp!

"Well, there’s many, many flaws. I’m actually very aware of all my dandruff right now!" he revealed. "Earlier on, I didn’t know what was going on, I was like going nuts. I was supposed to have a little afternoon nap this afternoon, I just went like that (shakes his hair) all afternoon to see how much dandruff could possibly come out of my hair. It was intense."

Ok, R-Patts–you’re definitely gorge, but Gross!

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Perhaps the actor’s hair care routine is to blame. When asked recently how he accomplishes his "just rolled out of bed" hairdo, Pattinson revealed, "You just don’t wash it!"


That might explain the dandruff!

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