Finally, an answer to why Robert Pattinson “smells bad.” His alleged odor is to ward off the paparazzi, according to New Moon co-star Peter Facinelli. “He’s smart, because if he doesn’t change his clothes and the paparazzi get pictures of him in the same outfit all the time, then they can’t sell the pictures,” Peter tells New York Magazine.

Leave it up to R-Pattz to deceive the paps!

In fact, Peter was the brains behind the brilliant approach to con the paparazzi.

“That’s what I said he should do; I said, ‘You should not change your clothes, this way, how are they going to sell the picture of you in the same outfit all the time, because it will look like it was from the same batch,’ ” he tells New York Mag.

Ashley Greene weighs in on the mission and says the plan helps keep rabid Twi-hards at bay.

“You know what, I think maybe out of a defense mechanism, I don’t sniff him,” she adds.

Director Chris Weitz uses Rob’s super scent to tell when the 23-year-old actor is nearby.

“I can smell him coming, that’s the nice thing,” Chris quips.

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